Necessity Natural Skin Repair

Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Necessity Aloe Vera Gel is 99% pure - straight from the mature plant! This fragrance-free soothing gel works wonderfully as a natural moisturiser. It works to restore sun-damaged skin, soothe minor burns, and repair cuts and abrasions. It also gives the skin a smoother appearance and removes dead skin to unclog pores. As always, we have added nothing else but the power of plants.

o 99% PURE Aloe Vera Gel - Straight from the mature plant!
o A fragrance-free soothing, moisturising gel.
o Protects, restores and repairs dry, chapped skin.
o Helps relieve skin that is damaged by sun and wind.
o Soothes minor wounds and abrasions.
o Hydrates and replenishes the skin.
o Penetrates the skin, supplying moisture directly to the tissue.

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