Before and After - Fixaderm for Insect Bites

A definite relief 

Being in Australia, especially sunny Queensland, has its pros and cons. One of the biggest issues I faced after moving here is the amount of times I would get targeted by mosquitoes, only to have the majority of my legs covered in bites. 

I tried absolutely EVERYTHING - from insect repellents to home remedies. Nothing worked. And I mean it when I say I tried it all. I even went as far as applying baking soda paste to the bites to reduce the itchiness but it did not help. 

This is how my legs looked like:

Covered in bites, itchy, sometimes swollen. I would have the hardest time sleeping due to how itchy it was and, being in Queensland, sometimes it gets super hot, so I was in real trouble!

After reading about Fixaderm, I decided to give it a try. Essential oils, natural ingredients - couldn’t hurt to try it! 

First Impressions

What caught my attention was just that - the ingredients. Melaleuca, Calendula, Lavender, Jojoba, Primrose, all in one! During my research to minimize the itchiness of the bites, I found that lavender oil is quite popular for this, so to have even more essential oils for different purposes was exciting! The other reason why I was excited is because Fixaderm also works repairing the skin, and my skin was so damaged from scratching and so dry that I desperately needed something to work FAST! 



These are my legs now, after 2 weeks:

I felt like the first use was a relief. My skin felt like it was soaking in all the oils so fast because it was so damaged. I applied only a few drops and that was enough to cover my skin. After a shower, I applied a few drops every night before bed and could feel the itchiness disappearing and I could see the glow in my skin. 

It took me less than 2 weeks to see the end results and I couldn’t be happier! Fixaderm does make your skin feel super hydrated whilst not feeling sticky or too oily. It’s the perfect combination of essential ingredients that really penetrate the skin and rejuvenate the surface. 

From now on, that’s definitely my go to product for all my skin issues!