When we formulate at Necessity, we use our condition-specific natural ingredients at the level at which they are most optimal for a particular skin goal. Sometimes we use multiple natural ingredients at an even higher concentration than the clinically active level in order to help heal the skin as quickly and safely as possible. In our heritage Fixaderm, we use a whopping 11 clean, natural active ingredients at super-charged levels to help restore healthy skin to those suffering from eczema, dermatitis or extreme dry skin. Here is an example of how our 100% natural actives work.

Step 1: 100% Natural Ingredients

When it comes to formulating, our total focus is skin repair, health and wellness. We start with 100% natural ingredients that have condition indicators. We blend these ingredients that will tackle the symptoms we are looking to resolve. We call them our condition-specific indicators and they vary by formula depending on whether we are treating eczema, acne, insect bites, hydration, or looking to nourish the skin. TGA approval requires us to make sure our ingredients are at their clinically validated active level.


Step 2: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Next we create the appropriate balance of hydrating, nourishing and protective ingredients that hold moisture in the skin, hydrate and repair. The balance and blend of numerous natural ingredients is what has made us unique and stand out in the crowded skin repair markets. For instance, our balms and oils contain the highest levels of moisturising and active natural ingredients because skin that is suffering from eczema or cold sore flare ups needs both repairing and moisturising agents to repair and restore.

Step 3: The Skin Nutrients

Finally, we review each natural ingredient in the formula to ensure it contains all the minerals and nutrients that will support the specific needs of the skin based on concern.

Step 4: Prove It

For Necessity, formulating is a purposeful process by a team of naturopath & adventure seekers looking to ensure skin repair is achieved. Wherever possible, we put ourselves through the rigors of TGA approval to validate that our formulas do what they are made to do, without irritation.