Born in the Mountains, Evolving by the Sea
Our range is 100% Natural

Since our birth in 2006 Australians have benefited from our powerful multi-use products that are TGA approved and contain nothing more than nature. Born in the beautiful Toowoomba Mountain Range of Queensland, Australia our products have always been for the naturally beautiful, the adventurer, the explorer, the go getter and the seeker of freedom. With the vast blue ocean waters surrounding the epic beaches of Queensland, our products have aided in skin repair, sun damage, wound repair, rashes, chaffing, insect bites and Stings. In the rich flora we found natural ingredients backed by science that provide symptomatic relief to cold sores, acne, eczema, dermatitis and more. Designed by a team of naturopaths and general practitioners Necessity products are designed to benefit the outdoor loving Australian family.

TGA approval certifies that our products deliver the results they indicate. Few Australian Skin brands take the time and energy to certify that their skin products have the best ingredients, at the right pH to deliver tangible results. Our Skin Repair Range is proven to repair, nourish, hydrate and heal a range of skin conditions, leaving you glowing day after day.

Behind the Brand

In 2006 Dr Allen Sonter partnered with aromatherapy specialist and Naturopath, Peter Bamford. Together they mastered the art of combining the active constituents of plants (plant actives) into powerful multi-tasking formulas. Working with plants to consistently manufacture the highest quality skin repair products is not easy. Plants are highly complex and whilst they can look the same, their chemical components can vary greatly. Perfecting the blends of these oils resulted in a range of products consisting of up to 11 blended essential oils that repair skin.

Consistent positive consumer reviews have led to an expanding team. Our team of medical professionals, naturopaths and more are committed to providing 100% pure and natural therapeutic products for skin conditions. Seeking the tranquillity of the deep mountain forest or the rush of the ocean waves, our Queensland based team tests the products we design each and everyday.