TGA approval means our products have been assessed for the indications (conditions the product says it will treat) and found they are supported by scientific evidence.

It also means that each ingredient has been tested and found to be the right acidity or pH to deliver the best results for your skin. It’s an expensive process but for the consumer it delivers 100% assurance that our ingredients are the best for your skin.

The Science Behind Our Skin
Skin is the body’s first line of defence when it comes to protecting and guarding our muscles, bones and internal organs.

Keeping the skin healthy increases its ability to detox waste, protect against pathogens and excessive water loss, and other crucial functions. The skin is our body’s largest organ of detoxification and through it we have a tremendous capacity to take in nutrients, and also, excrete toxins.

Whilst the skin is a protective covering for the body, it is also very absorbent, and whatever you put on the skin has the potential to end up in the bloodstream and be carried throughout the body. This ability of the skin to absorb what is put on it makes it possible to use many substances to help treat various skin and body conditions by simply rubbing the substance on the skin.

However, some substances (e.g. petroleum-based products such as mineral oils and Vaseline) are not absorbed into the skin, and instead they block the pores and stop the skin from breathing and absorbing moisture and other potentially therapeutic substances. For this reason, at Necessity we never use petroleum-based products, and we recommend that before applying Necessity products you thoroughly cleanse the skin from all mineral oil or petroleum-based products so the plant oils can be quickly absorbed into the skin to effectively deal with the problems they are designed to treat.

Keeping the skin healthy is just as important as keeping it beautiful. Fortunately, we can achieve both health and beauty when we use the highest quality ingredients in the cosmetic and therapeutic skin products brought to you by Necessity.