The Necessity Team: Fifi – Kelsea – Janine – Sam – Quieta

Being a part of the natural beauty of the Gold Coast we’re proud to be a Corporate Partner with The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation (CWHF).

Taking care of nature and everyone who lives there is a Necessity!

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation work tirelessly to save Australia's wildlife and find cures for devastating diseases such as koala chlamydia. The CWHF is operated as a community service with more than 11,000 animals admitted each year. The aim is to treat, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife into their natural habitats.

At Necessity, we are committed to being part of our community and helping wherever we can. It is our passion to help all our native wildlife as their survival is being challenged by their habitats and our cute koalas have the added challenge with the increase of koala chlamydia. Chlamydia is affecting the health of our beautiful koalas as it’s transmitted sexually as well as from mother to baby, just like humans. Some populations have a high rate of infection which often leads to blindness, bladder problems, infertility and death.

Their natural habitat is also at risk. With the clearing of land for development they lose their homes and food source as well as being killed on the roads (no matter how careful we are or the planning is), bushfires, attacks by domestic animals and disease.

As with anything we do at Necessity, we aim to provide good quality, sustainable and effective products and packaging with caring for those around us. Ensuring the environment is protected for our future as well as our children’s future is a Necessity and with your help, we can all share the responsibility.

At Necessity we see all of Australia’s inhabitants as important and we strive to benefit as many of them as possible any way we can.