Have you ever had a repair lotion that was so intense your skin asked for more and more?

Skin conditions can affect anyone and it is not easy to deal with them. Some may be a bit more manageable than others, but in all cases, it is never easy. Conditions such eczema, acne or scars can affect more than just the body - it can also affect your self esteem and your mental health. 

This is the main reason why Necessity was created. Not to treat something for vanity, but to treat an issue that requires attention, something you need everyday. Our love for bringing up self esteem and caring not only for the body, but for the mind as well, drives us to be better everyday. So we brought Fixaderm to life!

Necessity Fixaderm has been the epitome of a multi-purpose product. It has a unique blend of 11 active constituents of plants (natural oils) that work effectively to penetrate the skin and promote rapid skin repair. The light, non-greasy and easily absorbed formula can alleviate discomfort, help prevent infection and promote healing!

Because it consists of a blend of plant oils, with no mineral oils or petroleum products, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin. The various ingredients appear to interact synergistically to produce results that exceed those achieved when the oils are used individually.

Furthermore, Fixaderm has a wider range of applications than products that depend on only one or two basic plant extracts (such as pawpaw or aloe vera). 

Fixaderm is also very cost-effective! The 30mL bottle contains 600 drops, and a little goes a long way.

We know it's not easy to deal with skin issues, but it is easy to include Necessity Skincare into your routine, so you can manage more rapidly! Let us help you love your body everyday!