Surfaderm - Not only for the adventurer life - a multi use essential!

It’s hard to come across a product that can do so much for your skin - repair, protect, enhance. Living in Queensland, our skin can suffer so much! The harsh sun, the sand and ocean, it can be difficult to maintain a glowy and protected skin. 

Surfaderm is not only for the beach goers and adventurers! It has so many uses that can be essential for your day to day. Great for calming sunburn, nourishing dry skin & lips, protecting cuts, and soothing chafing. It can even be applied to bites & stings for fast relief! 

It’s no secret we love our Surfaderm so we tested in different ways. I shared my 60gr tin with my husband, who’s a hard worker in the sun and rain every day. It can be easy for him to experience chafing from the sweat and material of his uniform. These sores can get pretty uncomfortable and painful, so we decided to give Surfaderm a go for that! 

After a few days, the redness really disappeared and the rash bumps started to go down. He experienced real fast relief, which made his day so much better! 

100% natural, Surfaderm is the perfect aftercare product for the whole family. Suitable for all skin types to help restore skin after a day spent enjoying the elements, Surfaderm contains Palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, natural vitamin E, beeswax, camellia, aloe vera, tea tree, patchouli, calendula, lavender, niaouli, rosehip and rosewood, sustainably sourced and Australian Certified organic! 

Why don’t you try this 100% natural goodness in a tin and experience the benefits of being able to enjoy this beautiful Australian life!