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Surfaderm Adventure Pack

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This adventure pack by Necessity is curated for a day out enjoying the elements! 


Surfaderm 60g

Surfaderm is the ultimate adventure aftercare. An incredible blend of 100% natural ingredients including aloe vera, tea tree and rosehip, Surfaderm helps to restore skin after a day spent enjoying the elements.

Great for calming sunburn, nourishing dry skin & lips, protecting cuts, and soothing chafing. It can even be applied to bites & stings for fast relief. Tried and tested by surfers & beach goers, hikers & climbers, snake handlers & jellyfish wranglers (no kidding), it’s the must-have, multi-purpose aftercare for the adventure lover

3 x Organic Lip Balm (Coconut & Lime, Lemon, Mandarin)

Want lovely soft lips but worry about those harmful ingredients that are in so many lip balms? Well, stop worrying! Our flavoured Necessity Organic Lip Balms contain NO ‘nasties’. 

Our 100% Natural Lip Balm range contains Rosehip Oil that quickly absorbs into the skin, replenishing moisture, and creating a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration. Along with Jojoba Oil that protects the skin from drying out and becoming cracked and painful, and you have an Australian Made, preservative-free Lip Balm. Jojoba Oil has a natural Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 4.

Please understand that the gift bag may differ due to supply.

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