Cold Sore Relief Reviews
Review by Mona 
BEST cold sore product ever!!
OMG! If you suffer from cold sore, throw all your creams out and get this stuff - seriously! I used to get very bad cold sores. Sometimes I'd have one heal and the next one appear or three cold sores at the same time. A few years ago I even had "super-infections" where the cold sore appears on another part of the face (e.g. cheek or between upper Read more about review stating BEST cold sore product ever!!

lip & nose). The many times I wouldn't leave the house on a weekend or hated going to work meetings because I was so embarrassed to be seen in public with a huge swollen cold sore lip. It's awful, painful and it used to take around 2 weeks for a cold sore to heal... until I found this product. When I feel the tingling and my body is tired and run down I immediately apply this product and the cold sore does not even blister. I apply it several times a day and within 2-3 days it's gone. It's a miracle, I love this stuff. So happy!!