Cold Sore Relief Reviews
Review by Mona 

BEST cold sore product ever!!

OMG! If you suffer from cold sore, throw all your creams out and get this stuff - seriously! I used to get very bad cold sores. Sometimes I'd have one heal and the next one appear or three cold sores at the same time. A few years ago I even had "super-infections" where the cold sore appears on another part of the face (e.g. cheek or between upper lip & nose). The many times I wouldn't leave the house on a weekend or hated going to work meetings because I was so embarrassed to be seen in public with a huge swollen cold sore lip. It's awful, painful and it used to take around 2 weeks for a cold sore to heal... until I found this product. When I feel the tingling and my body is tired and run down I immediately apply this product and the cold sore does not even blister. I apply it several times a day and within 2-3 days it's gone. It's a miracle, I love this stuff. So happy!!

Review by Crystal B.

Goodbye Cold Sores

Got this for my mother who gets stress related cold sores. She was happy that it indeed healed the cold sore & swiftly. Will definitely order again in the future. 

Review by M.

Very Good

Just purchased as was getting a cold sore more often than normal. Happy this is natural and if I get it early with this and lysine it doesn't arise

Review by Nik


Works well and happy to have found a safe option.

Review by Jessica

Loved this

Really good. Used this as soon as I felt a little tingle and the cold sore didn’t come through. Must have in my cupboard!

Review by Lynette


This is a great cold sore oil. It smells nice, if applied at the first tingle, the cold sore doesn’t develop, and it’s also a great, safe one to use on children

Review by April

It works!

I was a little skeptical about this but it genuinely works. Every time I have a cold sore it’s my go to and it fixes it up fairly quickly!

Review by Tina

Fast healing

I started using this when I was pregnant and had the odd cold sore. It works just as well as zovirax if not better. It helps heal the sore really quickly. I even use it on the occasional pimple and it works a treat.