Nourished Life:

Great product
Review by Renee on 5 Oct 2020
Great to use on mozzie bites.

Great product
Review by Meredith S. on 13 May 2020
I use this for everything from burns and insect bites to scratches, grazes and allergic reactions. Fantastic, natural product.

Great product
Review by Nitasha K. on 9 May 2020
This is amazing for my skin. Helps with my psiorisis.

Review by Kat on 13 Mar 2020
An absolute necessity in my house. Great for sunburn, healing acne scaring...sometimes I use it at the end of a day to massage into my face to remove makeup the days grime before a shower. It's so healing.

Thank you!
Review by Hester on 24 Oct 2019
Just used this on an itchy insect bite, oh sweet relief! I usually use it on my sensitive hands, for which it is also very soothing.

Great for dermatitis
Review by Ellen on 20 Sep 2019
Love this oil for my dermatitis on my hands. This has been the best product I have used which has also stopped my dermatitis coming back. Also love it as a facial oil and for pimples etc. great texture and scent and a little goes a long way.

Miracle in a bottle
Review by Patti on 27 Feb 2019
After using Vitamin E oil for some time to help repair broken skin, I am so glad I have been able to find an organic alternative that is just as effective. It heals broken skin within a few days. I have almost finished my fitst bottle and will definitely repurchase.

So many uses
Review by Candy on 18 Feb 2019
I use this on everything from bug bites, minor burns, pimples, cuts, sores etc. It’s very effective & lasts a long time. Great value!

Review by Amy on 5 Oct 2018
Great all in one right here! Love using this for blemishes, bruises and scars. Wouldn't advise using on your face if you get alot of pimples however they have a great zit treatment which I use for my face instead. Couldn't recommend this product enough.

Amazing all in one oil
Review by Ana on 16 Sep 2018
I use this oil in baths, mixed with moisturisers, on cuts & as a massage oil. It's simply wonderful.

Review by Alma on 13 Sep 2018
My skin loves this, it's not magic, but it's wonderfully hydrating and non-irritating. I love using it, and it smells great.

Amazing oil
Review by Lucy on 29 Aug 2018
Great price and awesome oil. I use it every time I have picked a pimple or have angry spots and they are much calmer in the morning.

Can’t not live without this product!!
I never had bad skin until I got pregnant!! This product has saved me!! Not only has it cleared my skin from breakouts it has also helped with fine lines and texture! My skin is better than ever! I use it nightly, don’t need any other product!! If I see a pimple coming this with squash it overnight. And with the price point I can use as much as I Read more about review stating Can’t not live without this product!! want, I use it all over my neck too!!! I’m probably nearly onto my 10th bottle 😍

Top Stuff
Review by Doug on 20 Jul 2018
Legendary Stuff now on my third bottle.

Must have product
Review by Kat on 16 Jul 2018
This is an absolutely must have product in our home! I carry a bottle in my ya drag and there is one in the bathroom! We use it on everything from pimples, cuts and scratches to insect bites! It is extremely effective and soothing - even on children who normally react and swell with bee stings . I also add a few drops to my nightly facial moisture Read more about review stating Must have product ser and my skin is clear and smooth. Highly recommend!

Review by Pia on 16 Jul 2018
It really does work on mozzie bites and anything else. It's a must have on camping trips too.

Flora and Fauna

Best all natural first aid ointment
Review by Kris on 10/07/2020 
Rating 100%
I purchase this product on the regular as I love how it works on my dry, sensitive skin and can be used for multiple purposes. Thank you Flora & Fauna for stocking this!

Essential first aid kit item
Review by Nikole on 18/06/2020
Rating 100%
A must have in the first aid kit!

Review by Hester on 4/02/2020
Rating 100%

This is a must have oil for anybody with sensitive skin and/or children! I mostly use it on my eczema flair ups, but it’s also great on insect bites & grazed knees.

Cold Sore Relief Reviews
Review by Mona 
BEST cold sore product ever!!
OMG! If you suffer from cold sore, throw all your creams out and get this stuff - seriously! I used to get very bad cold sores. Sometimes I'd have one heal and the next one appear or three cold sores at the same time. A few years ago I even had "super-infections" where the cold sore appears on another part of the face (e.g. cheek or between upper Read more about review stating BEST cold sore product ever!!

lip & nose). The many times I wouldn't leave the house on a weekend or hated going to work meetings because I was so embarrassed to be seen in public with a huge swollen cold sore lip. It's awful, painful and it used to take around 2 weeks for a cold sore to heal... until I found this product. When I feel the tingling and my body is tired and run down I immediately apply this product and the cold sore does not even blister. I apply it several times a day and within 2-3 days it's gone. It's a miracle, I love this stuff. So happy!!

Loved this
Review by Jessica on 12 Aug 2019
Really good. Used this as soon as I felt a little tingle and the cold sore didn’t come through. Must have in my cupboard!

It works!
Review by April on 17 Jan 2018 
I was a little skeptical about this but it genuinely works. Every time I have a cold sore it’s my go to and it fixes it up fairly quickly!