Product Review - Necessity Zit Stik

There’s no lack of acne treatments out in the market, but a product that is 100% natural, free of additives and rich in essential oils is hard to find. That’s why it is so exciting to try Necessity’s Zit Stik - a anti-bacterial, anti-acne product containing multiple natural therapeutic ingredients to quickly combat blemishes and assist in preventing reoccurrence.

The texture is quite soft and the smell is very natural-like - almost like smelling mint essential oil from the bottle. It is very easy to apply - just open the stick, roll it up and you’re good to go! Upon applying, the product doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and not oily either - it feels light and it gives an instant  cool and refreshing sensation. I’ve tried on acne that was just about to come to the surface. On the course of a week, I felt like the bump on my skin kept getting smaller and smaller and it did not come to the surface at all. I also felt like this product prevented more acne from surfacing and it gave my skin a fresh, soft feeling! 

Necessity Skincare’s Anti Acne and Anti Bacterial Zit Stik contains:

  • Rich in trans-retinoic acid - a derivative of retinol; vitamin A, to heal and repair damaged skin;
  • Essential oils of Lavender, Niaouli, Calendula, Ravensara and Rosewood, providing strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to cleanse the skin and alleviate pain;
  • Active ingredient Rosehip Seed Oil, proven to contain remarkable regenerative properties including repairing skin tissue.

For everyone that suffers from these dreadful bumps, Necessity Skincare’s Zit Stik is a perfect match! And if you support natural, organic skin solutions with no additives, you will love this!

Try it yourself!