This week we celebrate Australian Made Week and recognise businesses that proudly share this recognition! Necessity Skincare is one of the brands that carries the Australia Made stamp, so now it’s the best time to support and buy local!
What does Australian Made mean?
It means that all the product’s significant ingredients come from Australia and all or virtually all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia. 
Australian Made
Why is this important?
Australian products have a great reputation around the world for having some of the highest standards in craftsmanship, safety and quality and that is something to be celebrated! As a small business, we support buying local and supporting local, growing the economy,creating jobs and maintaining these high standards in our company. 

It is estimated that 99% of Australians recognise the green and yellow kangaroo logo, 92% are confident that products carrying the logo are genuinely Australian and 93% prefer Aussie products!

So this week, let’s make the effort to opt for products with this logo, consider purchasing from small business or locals in your area, encourage your friends and family to also make that decision and spread the word! Supporting Australian businesses is supporting the community, is making the choice to buy from trustworthy, certified products and bringing awareness to the quality of our country’s produce. 

Necessity Skincare is proudly Australian Made and TGA approved. Few Australian skincare brands take the time and energy to certify that their skin products have the best ingredients, at the right pH to deliver tangible results. Our Skin Repair range is proven to repair, nourish, hydrate and heal a range of skin conditions, leaving you glowing day after day.

Shop local, shop small businesses and Shop Australia